Major Employers

Great Minds Think Alike

We're glad you want to live and work in Lynchburg! Great minds think alike. Click here for information on our region or view our video. Lynchburg ranks 13 of 20 top small metros for recruitment and attraction according to Expansion Management. Excellent primary and secondary schools. Five colleges and universities. Arts & culture. Revitalized downtown. Nationally ranked health care providers. Public golf courses. Bike trails. Lakes. Mountains. National retailers and trendy shops. Engineers and artists.

Lynchburg and Central Virginia have a lot to offer. But be forewarned. You might miss rush hour. Once you've moved here, plan a day/overnight/weekend trip to D.C. or Charlotte and enjoy rush hour for old times' sake.

Browse the links below to find the job sites (or home pages) of our major employers. And feel free to drop our name.

Major Employers

Automated Conveyor Systems, Inc.
Belvac - Production Machinery
Centra Medical Group Stroobants Cardiovascular Center
Sonny Merryman, Inc.
The News & Advance
Westover Dairy