Manufacturing and Industry

drillmanjpgThe Manufacturing sector remains a vital
part of the Lynchburg MSA's economy.

In 2013:

  • Manufacturing (with employment of 14,6549) was  the Lynchburg MSA's largest number of the 96,118 total employment
  • Manufacturing sector was also the Lynchburg MSA's fourth highest paying industry sector with average weekly salary of $1,133
  • Virginia employment and projections for Manufacturing is 231,797 jobs by 2014

Information from Virginia Employment Commission
Quarterly Census of Employment, 1st Quarter 2013

A Key factor in maintaining the long-term health of the Lynchburg MSA's Manufacturing sector is to ensure an adequate pipeline of trained Manufacturing workers. Central Virginia Industries Council is an organization that provides valuable benefits to the manufacturers in our region. Its partnership with the Virginia Manufacturers Association Workforce Development Division focuses on reinforcing the skilled-workforce  pipeline for manufacturing in the region, especially in the area of middle-skilled positions– jobs that require more than a high school diploma but less than a two-year degree.