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The Chamber and the Lynchburg Region Transportation Advocacy Group Meet with the Secretary of Transportation.

Lynchburg Region Transportation Advocacy Group
2014 Priorities

The Lynchburg Regional Transportation Advocacy Group provides leadership and advocacy for the region's transportation initiatives. All noted projects will dramatically improve roadway capacity and safety and are significant, long-term economic drivers for the entire region.

LRTAG gratefully acknowledges the following entities for participating in this regional collaborative effort: VDOT, Commonwealth Transportation Board, City of Lynchburg, Region 2000 Partnership, Central Virginia MPO, our regional colleges, the Lynchburg Regional Chamber and local businesses. This advocacy group speaks with a clear, concise, unified voice to address the prioritization process outlined by HB2 with emphasis on factors including congestion mitigation, economic development, accessibility, safety, and environmental quality. Without this collective effort, the success of this program would not be possible.

Engineering Fund Request - $5 Million
We are requesting additional funding so preliminary engineering of projects can begin to make targeted transportation projects "shelf-ready" for further development and construction. The Lynchburg District currently has only a few shelf-ready projects due to a prolonged period of reduced engineering dollars. We collectively agree that our district has over $5,000,000 in engineering needs for the projects listed below and to make other projects shelf-ready. We will be following HB2 guidelines to make this happen.

Proposed and Requested Safety and Economic Development Projects
1. Lakeside Drive intersection Routes 221 & 501 – Develop one way pair from north of Graves Mill interchange to east of Old Forest Road at the intersection with the Northwest Expressway to alleviate congestion at existing intersection of 221/501. Improve Lakeside Drive to Forest Brook Road.

  • Opportunity for new and expanded commercial development
  • Planning completed, NEPA completed
  • Funding needed: $23M

 2. Candler's Mountain Road Improvements – Capacity improvements needed along the corridor from Woodall Road to Liberty Mountain Road. Safety issues at Expressway interchange and US460 interchange.

  • Serous safety concerns regarding on-off ramps
  • Serves largest retail shopping mall
  • Major access to Liberty University

3. Improvements to the Wards Road Corridor

  • Serious safety issues due to traffic volumes
  • Large shopping centers located on both sides of Wards Road

5. Bedford Area Improvements – Route 460 Realignment near Route 726

  • Eliminate substandard vertical and horizontal geometry
  • Project area experiences a fatality rate over five times the District average for Primary roads.
  • Project area experiences crash and injury rates approximately three times the District average for Primary roads.
  • Total Funding needed: $16.6M

-Preliminary Engineering $2.1M
-ROW and Utility Relocation $1.0M
-CN $13.5M

Additional Infrastructure Initiatives
1. Bridges

  • Route 651 over Bear Creek (Campbell County)
  • Route 712 over Otter River (Campbell County)
  • Route 29 bridge at Altavista over the Staunton River

 2. Roads and Intersections

  • UPC 5542 - Route 622, Phase I Reconstruction (Campbell County)
  • Business 460 at Waterlick Road Intersection (Campbell County)

 3. Route 501 Shoulder Improvements

  • UPC 104950 – Route 501 Intersection Improvements at Route 633 (Campbell County)
  • UPC 104947 – Route 501 Shoulder Widening from Rocky Road to Route 607 (Campbell County)
  • UPC 104946 – Route 501 Passing Lane from Route 610 to Route 643 (Halifax County)
  • UPC 100556 – Route 501 Passing Lane from 1.6 Miles North of Route 970 to 0.2 Mile South of Molly's Creek Road (Campbell County)

As projects are planned and built, projects should include intermodal designs for pedestrians, bicycles and transit.

The Lynchburg Regional Transportation Advocacy Group appreciates and acknowledges that the following projects received funding as requested last year and as such are currently fully funded in the Draft FY 15-20 SYIP. These projects remain a high priority of the group and, as such, it is imperative that adequate funding for development and delivery remain on these projects.

1. UPC 105515 – Odd Fellows Road Connector (Part of Lynchburg's Public Private Partnership for Odd Fellows Road and Greenview Drive)

  • Connects new interchange at Route 29/460 to Business 29 (Expressway)
  • Significant increase in traffic with new interchange
  • Significant opportunities for new businesses when interchange is completed

 2. UPC 104600 – Route 29 NBL over NS Railroad (Near Airport in Campbell County)

 3. UPC 104599 – Route 29 NBL and SBL over NS Railroad (Near Campbell Ave. in City of Lynchburg)

 4. UPC 104951 – Route 501 Intersection Improvements at Route 642 (Halifax County)

 5. UPC 104945 – Route 501 Intersection Improvements at Route 40/632 (Halifax County)


6. UPC 100822 – Mount Cross Road Widening (City of Danville)

 7. UPC 64773 – Route 29/460 Access Management from Campbell Ave. to Monacan Parkway

 8. UPC 90676 – Route 40 Bridge over Louse Creek (Charlotte County)

 9. UPC 95952 – Route 29 SBL Bridge over NS Railroad (Pittsylvania County)

 10. UPC 104682 – Route 29 Shoulder Widening (Nelson County)

 11. UPC 104683 – Route 29 Shoulder Widening (Pittsylvania County)